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Choose a domain name that will enhance your business and your web identity. A name that fits your business, help you stand out, easy to find and easy to promote.

List of Domains

All domain names are registered with Hostgator ( and can easily be pushed to another Hostgator account or transferred to a registrar of your choice after payment. Payment through


  1. Ideal for an ecommerce site selling cookware, a restaurant site, online video cooking series, recipe site,  ebook,etc. There are 49,500 monthly searches on Google for “stir fry”. Short and memorable on a great extension.
  2. Short catchy domain perfect for a golf themed site, lawn company, dj beats, eco-friendly theme, vegetarian or vegan theme.
  3. Perfect for an art themed website or online art gallery.
  4.  Ideal for a search engine site, directory, genealogy , research, etc. with great branding potential.
  7. Numbers 5, 6 and 7 are ideal for a home security site, internet security, working dogs site, rescue, dog training, pet supplies, etc. These are keyword domains that brings great stats to the table, with over 27,000 monthly searches for ”k9” with low competition. It is short, easy to remember and with great branding potential.
  8. A short memorable brand name for an e cigarette online store. This domain name has an established ecigarette information website that can be modified to incorporate an e store or used for affiliate programs.
  9. Perfect for a site promoting skateboarding and selling skating related products.
  10. A very brand worthy domain name (from the Greek lesbian poet Sappho), that could be used for a dating site for lesbians, a womens bar, club, magazine, etc.
  11. A great brand name for an electronic cigarette online store.
  12. Perfect for an online antique store or collectibles.
  13. Ideal for a web design and SEO services site, graphic design, app design etc.
  14. As the name suggests, chinese or other oriental art or online art gallery.
  15. Online art gallery, paint shop, art supply store, etc.
  16.  Numbers 16 and 17 are ideal for the fashion industry.
  18. This would be suitable for a freelancing business.

All of these domain names except ‘eglowcigs’, are not developed and are awaiting the right owners to realize their full potential.

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