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There are a few things you’ll need when you decide to create a website and build an online presence. First you’ll need a domain name, a hosting provider, that is, someplace for your site to live and a CMS (content management system).The first two are your virtual address and location where people will go in order to find you online and the last, (CMS), is where you house your content (product or service that you’re offering). All three are easy to acquire once you’ve made your choice but making the right choice is a big decision that requires very careful thought. There are literally thousands of names to choose from and a growing number of extensions. Picking the right domain name is critical to the success of your business. The wrong domain name can be a very bad investment choice.

However, although the choice of a domain name is important finding a good one isn’t overly difficult; it does take some time and thought but here on HostEclipse we are saving you the trouble by providing you with some much sought after TLDs. Before you take the plunge to buy your domain name, there are a few things you must contemplate to ensure that you find the one that best suit your business.

The .com Extension

The .com extension is on the majority of websites. People are already programmed to think dot com when they think of a site and search engines seem to find sites with the dot com extension more trustworthy when compared to others. Along with the trust issue these extensions are simply easy to remember. A .com extension is ideal for a business site, e-commerce site or a blog.

Establish a Brand

Being able to establish a brand for your online presence is an invaluable asset. Google supports sites and blogs that have branded themselves. The recognition of your domain name as a brand will skyrocket your business..

Avoid Hyphens

Try to avoid hyphens. They are ugly, they are not unique and far from memorable. People tend to forget them and your potential client might end up on your competitor’s site.

Short and Memorable

Building a brand is what the search engines like to reward. Sites like Moz, GetResponse, Amazon and Twitter to name a few. Picking short and memorable domain names can be the key to your overall success.